Gail MacCallum… 
was born in Canberra, from which she has an unspecified anxiety about going round in circles. She grew up in a house on the top of a hill without electricity, where she learnt that there are few things nicer than curling up with a good book (unless the weather encourages adventuring, tree climbing or rock hopping). 

She has played with books and magazines as an editor for 20 years, working for Duffy & Snellgrove, POL OxygenThe Bulletin, the Sydney Morning Herald, and Reader's Digest.  

It bugs her when things aren't done with fun and rigor. There are few things she likes better than an enticing ocean and a big sky. She is the reigning family Traveler IQ champion, but is currently distracted inventing games for an octopus named Ursula.

Ian Connellan…

was a curious boy who’s never stopped wondering about stuff – our world, its landscapes, its plants and animals, how people live and why things work the way they do.

After a well-spent young adulthood skiing around the world he returned to Sydney and managed to convince people he was grown up enough to work as a journalist, magazine and book editor, then Lonely Planet author and photographer. He spent more than a decade at Australian Geographic before retiring as the group's editor-in-chief, and he remains a councillor of the Australian Geographic Society, which supports Australian adventurers, scientists, conservationists and community causes.

In 2012 he and Gail established Curious Traveller and moved to Hobart, Tasmania (and they thank Tassie for having them). In his spare time he likes woodworking projects and is working to regain his Traveler IQ crown.