Costa Rica: Wildlife wonderland 
October 2018

Gail and Ian first decided to explore Costa Rica when they realised they knew virtually nothing about the small Central American nation. Once there they fell instantly in love with this charming, friendly and extremely biodiverse country.

Costa Rica contains 1/20th of the world’s biodiversity in a verdant patch of land smaller than Tasmania. It’s reputed to have a greater biomass of sloths than humans – a factoid we’ve been unable to verify, but we can report that once you get your eye in for spotting sloths, there seems to be at least one snoozing in every tasty tree. From the volcano-dotted Central Cordillera mountains that form Costa Rica's spine, it’s possible to see both the Caribbean and Pacific coasts, and the diverse habitats that harbour an abundance of mammal and bird species. 

It’s a wildlife wonderland, and seeing wild animals is this journey’s purpose from stunning forest to fabulous sea. Over 9 days, we’ll search for turtles in the astonishing canals of Tortuguero National Park, go behind the scenes at sloth and monkey refuges on the Caribbean coast, and stalk hummingbirds and tapirs in the rich rainforest. Along the way we’ll get up close and personal with a vast variety of fauna on offer, including frogs, monkeys, toucans and – of course – sloths galore. 

It’s hard to describe the joy of this beautiful place, from the dawn and dusk calls of howler monkeys to a friendly meal in a family-run soda (restaurant). If you’d like more information about the trip, to reserve a place, or to ask any questions (Gail is particularly good at frog trivia; Ian’s in love with the lizards), send us an email.

Three things you should know about Costa Rica:

* Costa Rica is a three-time table-topper of Happy Planet Index surveys, which rank on a calculation of wellbeing, life expectancy, inequality and environmental sustainability

* Costa Rica is on track to be the first carbon-neutral country in the world in 2021, and has the highest percentage of protected land of any country in the world 

* Sloths are so prevalent that you may have to stop your car to let one cross the road, and it’s possible to get wee-ed on by one while eating a delicious beachside dinner.